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BG’s Journal & Review | Monkey World!

Monkeying Around at monkey world.

The Biker Girl’s Journal Entry and Review of Monkey World (Near Lulworth Cove)
biker girl journal and review step dad monkey world

Although, as my stepdad quipped on the way out – “It could have been called ‘Monkey Town’, I think ‘Monkey World’ may have been a bit ambitious!”

Smirk – He’s not wrong!

We went to Marwell Zoo last year and enjoyed seeing the monkey’s so much that we decided on the way home from that trip that we would go to Monkey World the next year.  It was about an hour’s drive away and Henry loved it.   Mum got a mobility scooter so we were able to go round the whole park which could have been  a problem so we are all very pleased that it wasn’t.

It started out brilliantly, this could have been due to the fact that my mum got her blue badge through so we just rocked up and parked next to the gate. #winning.     We then went through the gates and I spied a set of mobility scooters and took charge – insisting we hire one for mum. 

You don’t actually “Hire” the mobility scooters, you are required to leave a £10 deposit (in cash) with the scooter lady just inside the main gate. You have to sign a quick form and do a little lap round the tree to make sure you can control the thing and then you’re off.  They remind you to have it back for 5:30pm to retrieve your deposit – I assume that’s when the lady finishes her shift! 

The monkey enclosure were generally clean and tidy and Henry particularly loved the climbing frames and activities that were dotted around the park. I thought the best thing about it was the information cards about where each of the monkeys were rescued from. 

It turns out that lots of them have been rescued from sellers trying to either smuggle them in to sell them as pets or by breeders already in the UK being busted via platforms such as Gumtree! The marmosets were a particular victim of this which I felt bad about seen as how when I read it I had just finished saying how much a wanted a cute little marmoset. Oops. 

After the first couple of enclosures we found ourselves royally lost unable to correlate where we were to the enclosures on the map – after asking at a cafe where we were it turned out that we were at the complete opposite side and none of us could make heads nor tails of it.  Which was really a feat because it isn’t a very large park at all.


I think it’s because they have tried to make it look bigger by stretching the map out and it is really confusing and unnecessary. They could really do with an updated map by someone who has actually been to the park at least once before they design it as the current designers clearly never have.

I got a little marmoset in the gift shop at the end and Henry added to his monkey collection with a large and small monkey. He also got a monkey facemask which he took great delight in putting on as we passed cars on the way home – more than a few of them looked twice!

My favourite part was the birds (and the marmosets of course) and we decided in the car on the way home that some sort of Bird World should be the destination of next year! As I have repeatedly heard – apparently bird is the word.

All in all nice and clean and tidy but underwhelming. A nice day out and it takes about 2.5 hours at a lesuirely pace and 3 hours if you want to do the “woodland walk” – we couldn’t because they don’t allow scooters to go down there!

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